YENI RAKI£4.00£6.00£24.00£38.00
TEKIRDAG RAKI£4.25£6.25£26.00£40.00
TEKIRDAG GOLD£4.90£6.90£30.00£50.00
YENI RAKI ALA£5.50£7.50£35.00£55.00* Raki is a Turkish unsweetened, aniseed flavored alcoholic drink that is popular in Turkey as an apéritif. It is often served with kebab or Turkish meze. It is considered as the national alcoholic beverage of Turkey.


JACK DANIELS£48.00£4.50£6.50


EFES DRAFT4.80500ml
EFES ALE RED3.00330ml


LA PINTORA SAUVIGNON BLANC (Chile)£4.20£14.95A very clean and citrussy Sauvignon Blanc with bags of flavour and great balance.
VILLA DOLUCA (Turkey)£4.50£17.50A balanced blend of Sultaniye grapes which yields fruity, crisp, refreshing wines and the juicy Semillion grape which adds it’s delicate aroma
LAVILLA NANNI GARGANEGA PINOT GRIGIO (Italy)£16.95Ripe and fruity with good crisp acidity and plenty of soft fruit flavours.
PITAU SAUVIGNON BLANC (New Zealand)£17.95A vibrant, citrussy wine full of ripe gooseberry, passion fruit and cool lime flavours.
LES PRADES PICPOUL DE PINET (France)£18.95Classic seafood wine from Languedoc. Deliciously flinty, this is great food wine with a fine complex mineral character and excellent depth and length of flavour.
ANTIK WHITE (Turkey)£5.50£19.95This wine is aged in French oak barrels for eight months. It has a citrus, floral nose and leads with a buttery mouth filling taste and finishes with citrus, honey, and green apple notes. The wine is well balanced and easy to drink. The wine would pair nicely with chicken, calamari, or grilled fish. Award: Selection Mondiale 1998 – Silver Medal (Canada)
ALMA MORA VIOGNIER (Argentina)£19.95A combination of flowers and fruit, orange blossom and ripe apricot with hints of pineapple. Refreshing and persistent.
DLC NARINCE (Turkey)£19.95Only free run juice fermented under low temperatures was used in our DLC Narince wine. As a result, next to the oral and fruity flavors of this young wine, the narcissus jonquil ower, jasmine, grapefruit and orange aromas are felt at the forefront with its aromatic, strong, smooth and vibrant texture. Award: Vinalies China 2010 – Silver Medal (China)
DOLUCA KAV: (Turkey)£22.95Prepared from the “Narince” grapes of the Tokat region, this has turned out to be an extraordinary wine, with a very strong varietal character, dry, rich and smooth in taste, nicely mellowed by raging.


RIVER WILD WHITE ZINFANDEL (California)£4.50£15.95An aromatic and flavoursome wine, brimfull with strawberries and cream flavours and a juicy finish.
HENRI GAILLARD COTES DE PROVENCE (France)£4.50£18.95The classic French Provencal rose. Succulent raspberry, full flavours and some hints of redcurrant. Essential summer drinking.


LA PINTORA MERLOT (Chile)£4.20£14.95Light, plummy notes on the nose and ripe berry fruit with soft tannins on the palate make for a very smooth and balanced wine.
YAKUT (Turkey)£4.50£17.50Yakut, the favorite red wine of Turkey. Yakut is distinctive red wine with rich aroma character very well balanced with its soft flavours of cherry and ripe tannins. It is very good match with any grilled meats. Award: UK International Wine Challenge – 2013 – Bronze
CONTE DI MATAROCCO NERO D’AVOLA (Italy)£16.95Rich and ripe forest fruits, elegant and complex and yet very fruit driven. Full body with smooth tannins, velvety and persistent.
BABINGTON BROOK Shiraz (Australia)£17.50Deep ruby colour with rich berry fruit aromas on the nose. The palate is full and rich with spicy notes and balanced tannins.
ALMA MORA MALBEC (Argentina)£18.95Full bodied wine with ripe red fruits flavour and an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla.
ANTIK RED, (Turkey)£5.50£19.95The wine is aged in French oak barrels for eight months. At first the wine has a minerally nose and a slightly fruity first taste laced with a hint of red berries and distinct strawberry, followed by the medium acidic notes of the Shiraz. It pairs nicely with grilled lamb. Award: International Wine Challenge UK – 2013 – Mansion
CARLOS SERRES TEMPRANILLO RIOJA (Spain)£19.95Fragrant nose with ripe berries and tomato leaf hints. Fruit driven with supple tannins.
VINA VENTISQUERO RESERVA PINOT NOIR (Chile)£19.75Cherry, rosemary and rhubarb. Medium bodied with notes of cherries and mature raspberries. Sweet and silky tannins. Wines of Chile Bronze
DLC SHIRAZ (Turkey)£23.95Deep ruby colour. Nose shows elegant raspberry and sour cherry, leather and underg rowth. Tannins have almost melted on the palate. There is fruit and slight spiciness. Medium-bodied and round finish with some sourness. Award: Vinalies China 2010 – Silver Medal (China)
KAV RED (Turkey)£19.95A Truly special wine, aged exclusively in oak barrels, made from selected grapes of the Marmara and Aegean regions. A full, strong body mellowed in oak, soft and the varietal characters of the grapes used. homogenous yet still reflecting Awards: Monde Selection 2003 – Silver Medal (Belgium)


PROSECCO SPUMANTE VILLA DELLE CAMELIE (Italy)£22.95A delicate Prosecco with fruity notes of peach, green apple, acacia and lilac. Fresh and light on the palate with balanced acidity and a long persistent finish.